Busy Busy Busy

This is just a quick catch up post that I want to do because I have been awol for so long. Truth is my 10.5 month old (oh my god where has the time gone??) has gotten to the age where he’s a real handful. He’s not a difficult baby, just now very mobile and engaged with the world, and he needs a lot of attention when he’s awake. I badly need his nap time for silly things like keeping my house reasonably clean haha. All you mothers out there already know what I mean and need no explanation.

Also some exciting news! Continue reading


Little Boy Fashion Haul #2

My favourite kind of post – baby clothes!  I’ve been busy shopping for and picking up some winter staples for my little bug.  I’m still building on the idea of a capsule wardrobe so I’m sticking to the basic colour palette of reds, blues and greys.  Here’s what I’ve picked up in the last few weeks Continue reading

Simple Pleasures

I am not a summer person. I am one of those people who ‘run hot’ so I really suffer in the hot weather. I also have naturally low blood pressure and the heat tends to make me feel dizzy and sick during even moderate physical activity. My friends and family have to spend all summer listening to me whining about how miserable I am. Continue reading

Friday Favourite – Baby Snacks

Baby SnacksThis week’s favourite is a Mummy favourite.  If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know that I’m a mum to an eight months old little boy, so anything that helps make my life easier is a winner.  I am a proponent of Baby Led Weaning, and it works really well for Baby Vee. Continue reading

Baby Boy Clothing Haul

What is more fun than writing about teeny tiny people fashion?  Shopping for them!

If you read my last post you know that I’m currently planning a capsule wardrobe for myself for the coming winter season (southern hemisphere – June through August) and I thought to myself, why not do the same for my 7 month old?  Continue reading