Curator for!

A cool little bit of news to share with you today. I’ve been invited to curate for! I’m excited to have been invited to take part in this and have had fun with it so far. Continue reading


Busy Busy Busy

This is just a quick catch up post that I want to do because I have been awol for so long. Truth is my 10.5 month old (oh my god where has the time gone??) has gotten to the age where he’s a real handful. He’s not a difficult baby, just now very mobile and engaged with the world, and he needs a lot of attention when he’s awake. I badly need his nap time for silly things like keeping my house reasonably clean haha. All you mothers out there already know what I mean and need no explanation.

Also some exciting news! Continue reading

Simple Pleasures

I am not a summer person. I am one of those people who ‘run hot’ so I really suffer in the hot weather. I also have naturally low blood pressure and the heat tends to make me feel dizzy and sick during even moderate physical activity. My friends and family have to spend all summer listening to me whining about how miserable I am. Continue reading

More Gluten Free Foodie Treats at Eat Street

Of course we went back.  How could I resist?  This place is my spiritual home 🙂

I was a little more restrained this time. This was not my first visit, so I didn’t get overly excited and try to cram everything in.  I can tend to go a little overboard with new experiences because I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Meatlovers Crepe

On to the food!  To start I headed straight for Continue reading

Foodie Heaven in Brisbane

Eat Street Markets

Last night hubby and I decided to do something a little fun and different to get ourselves out of the house.   We have been hearing good things about the Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf on the North shore of Brisbane; we both love eating and trying new cuisines, so we thought we would check it out. Continue reading