How To Refresh White Grout

I thought I’d do something different today and share some home improvement tips with you – specifically, how to refresh tired, discoloured white (or should be white) grout.

We are currently renovating our first home, and doing it all ourselves so it’s pretty slow going.  Little projects like this are easy for me to tackle while Baby Vee is napping.  When we first bought the house, it had been cleaned, but being an ex-rental it was pretty tired and rough-round-the-edges looking.  This ledge above the bath in the second bathroom has been bothering me for a while.  This room doesn’t get much attention being our second bathroom, but I wanted to try to brighten up this sad little corner.

What I used:

First I gave the grout a good scrub with a stiff bristled brush and cream household cleanser (you can use Jif but I just used home brand, it works just as well).  Then I wiped away the excess with a damp cloth and let dry thoroughly.  I’m surprised about how much grime came off this grout after having been supposedly “cleaned”.  This ledge is a real dust catcher so it really needed a good hard scrub.  You really want to make sure it’s as clean as possible to give your paint the best surface to stick to.

Much better, but as you can see the grout is still yellow and discoloured compared to the white grout on the wall tiles.  This is where the White Knight grout pen comes into it’s own.  This little gadget it so handy, it’s simply a permanent marker filled with grout paint, and you just draw it on over your grout.  It’s so easy to use and only costs about $8aud.  It says to apply at least 2 coats with 1 hour in between applications, but I found I needed four coats to really get that bright white colour.  It was all done in one afternoon easily.

If you have grout a different colour than white that needs refreshing, you can get grout paint in a variety of other colours, but they don’t come in a pen (that I’ve seen) so they aren’t so easy to apply.  You need a paint brush and a wet towel to wipe away excess as you go, but the concept is the same.

Here is my new fresh looking, pretty bathroom ledge with a few pieces of decor.  The large blue glass bottle ($5aud) and sea urchin candle ($6aud) are from Kmart, the flowers are from Ikea that I already had, and the glass apothecary jar ($5aud) is from The Reject Shop and filled with rock salt.  Total cost = $16!!  I love thrifty home decor that still looks nice ^_^

Thanks for reading!

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