Little Boy Fashion Haul #2

My favourite kind of post – baby clothes!  I’ve been busy shopping for and picking up some winter staples for my little bug.  I’m still building on the idea of a capsule wardrobe so I’m sticking to the basic colour palette of reds, blues and greys.  Here’s what I’ve picked up in the last few weeks.  All prices are in Australian dollars.

Indigo skinny jeans – Target $18          Black skinny jeans – Target originally $15 reduced to $8

Jeans are an obvious staple for winter, especially for an on-the-go 9 months old who is busy crawling everywhere.  You can’t go wrong with basic black and dark wash blue.

Blue ‘soft denim’ jeans – Target (gift)                          Grey stripe long-sleeved tee – Target $8

These ‘jeans’ are great, because they look like denim but are actually made from soft and comfortable sweatpant material.  Sometimes comfort is more important than style.  A striped long sleeved tee in a basic colour is a staple piece.

Black and white leggings – Vaenait Baby (gift)   I Heart Dad long-sleeved tee – Vaenait Baby (gift)

This set was a baby shower gift and I absolutely love it.  The colours go with my capsule colour scheme, and these leggings will go with just about anything.

“Monster” flats – Kmart reduced to $4                                                                                                           Canvas high-tops – Charlie & Me $26.99 reduced to $16.99

These shoes were an absolute steal.  I’m not completely in love with the flats but for 4 dollars I couldn’t pass them up.  The canvas high-tops were incredibly good value; I got them at 30% off on sale, and considering similar Converse high-tops sell for about $60, I was ecstatic with these.

Black & White Check Shirt – Pumpkin Patch $29.99                                                                                         Grey & Navy Button-up Cardigan – Pumpkin Patch $29.99

As you could probably tell from my last baby boy clothing haul, I’m a little obsessed with Pumpkin Patch right now.  Their winter line for boys is just adorable, and when you’re building a capsule wardrobe, it’s great when the whole line is mix-and-matchable.  This shirt and cardi are perfect staple pieces for mixing and matching, plus I LOVE that dark navy piping on the cardi.

Grey Marle ‘Patch” Beanie – Pumpkin Patch $16.99             Stripe beanie with ears – Big W $10                               Black pom-pom beanie – Big W $6

Gotta keep that little head warm.  Beanies are especially important for little ones, as they lose body heat much faster than adults do in the cold weather.  I love the little ears and the pompom on the Big W beanies, and the grey PP beanie is an oversized slouchy style that looks super cute on the little guy ^_^

Chambray Shirt – Coles Mix Baby $12                         Navy & Maroon Sneakers – Big W $15

I’ve been looking for a nice chambray shirt for ages, and finally found the perfect one from Coles of all places.  I’m actually really impressed with their clothing line, everything I’ve bought from there has been excellent quality and you can’t beat the price.  The little sneakers from Big W will go with nearly every outfit I can make from his wardrobe so far.  They’re a size 4 so I think he’ll grow out of them pretty fast, so I may pick up another pair in a size 5 just to be safe.

That’s everything so far.  I do have a few more pieces that I haven’t had time to take pics of yet, including an absolutely cute-ness overload inducing birthday outfit that can be mix-and-matched for everyday wear or worn for special occasions.  I’m excited to have the capsule wardrobe finished so I can do some outfit compilations for you guys!

* Not a sponsored post.  All opinions and purchases are my own.  All gifts are from family or close friends.


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