Simple Pleasures

I am not a summer person. I am one of those people who ‘run hot’ so I really suffer in the hot weather. I also have naturally low blood pressure and the heat tends to make me feel dizzy and sick during even moderate physical activity. My friends and family have to spend all summer listening to me whining about how miserable I am.

To my great misfortune I happen to live in subtropical Australia. I was born here and I’ve never lived anywhere else so you’d think I would be used to it by now. But every year at the end of February, as summer is supposed to be drawing to a close, I I get optimistic and excited by the prospect of Autumn and cooler weather!  But sadly for me, summer persists here until well into May. At the moment temps are still reaching the low to mid 30s Celsius. I have a fair way to go yet.

Looking a little like Autumn this morning

However, this morning I got up at 6am as usual with Baby Vee, and it was a cool 19°C. The air felt cool and clean, the neighbourhood was quiet and the birds were singing softly. The sun was just starting to poke it’s head over the roof of the house next door and into my kitchen window. I made my usual cup of tea and felt happy. I reflected on the small pleasures in life.  A hot cup of tea on a cool morning. My baby boy’s smile the second he first sees my face in the morning. My happy little tea ducky bobbing in his warm bath always makes me smile. Some days I wake up so grateful for my little life and my little family my heart could almost burst.

What a novel-tea…hmmmm.

We all have big dreams and yearnings in life, but sometimes it’s the smallest things that bring the most joy and happiness, even if for the tiniest most fleeting moment.

Ball pit fun 🙂

Thanks for reading.  What are your simple pleasures in life?  Leave me a comment, I love reading them 🙂


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