Friday Favourite – Baby Snacks

Baby SnacksThis week’s favourite is a Mummy favourite.  If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know that I’m a mum to an eight months old little boy, so anything that helps make my life easier is a winner.  I am a proponent of Baby Led Weaning, and it works really well for Baby Vee.  He enjoys feeding himself and I enjoy not being chained to the high chair at meal times – not such a huge fan of the cleaning up after though, but my Boxer helps out a lot with that :).  If you’ve never heard of Baby Led Weaning – or BLW as we in the inner circle refer to it – or are interested in the how and whys, this website is a good place to start.

When looking for on-the-go ready-made snacks  I need foods that he can easily pick up and hold by himself, and aren’t going to make too much mess.  I’m also not interested in anything with added sugar or salt (I’m looking at you Baby Mum-Mums) because young babies simply don’t need these additives for flavour.  The last thing I need a sugar addicted one year old thank you very much.  Added mineral fortification is a plus, and they must be gluten-free – I have Coeliac Disease so I have to keep Baby Vee on a gluten-free diet until he’s old enough to be tested.

Little Bellies Baby Puffs in Blueberry and Carrot Flavour

My first favourite is Little Bellies Baby Puffs.  The recommended age for these is 9+ months but I started giving these to Baby Vee at about 7 months*.  They are the perfect size for his little hands, and they melt almost instantly in the mouth so they’re a low choking risk.  They are baked not fried, no added salt or sugar, gluten and wheat free, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, iron and vitamin B1 (thiamine) fortified and best of all, he loves them!  He can easily gobble down a whole packet of these in one sitting.  They come in carrot and blueberry flavour and are available from Woolworths for $1.99 AUD a packet.

HEINZ Nutrios Pumpkin Snacks

My second favourite is Heinz Nutrios Pumpkin snacks.  These puffed cereal pieces are recommended from 10 months of age, and are great for older babies starting to develop fine motor skills.  Baby Vee has just started to develop his thumb and forefinger ‘pincer grip’ at 8 months so these are great for him.*  These have no added colours, flavours or preservatives, no added salt or sugar, and are iron fortified.  There are only four ingredients in these little babies, so you know right away they’re not full of rubbish.  These are perfect for those mamas who have babies with allergies, as they are completely free of egg, fish, gluten, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, sesame and soy.  They come in a box of 6 conveniently sized individual snack bags which makes them perfect for an on-the-go snack that you can just toss in your bag as you walk out the door. These are available anywhere Heinz is stocked; I get mine from Woolworths  for $3.70 AUD a box.

*Disclaimer: What works for me may not work for you and your baby.  I am not suggesting you should ignore the manufacturers’ age recommendation for these foods.  It is for each individual parent to make the decision at what age to introduce new foods to their baby. Young children should always be supervised and sitting in an upright position when eating.  As per World Health Organisation recommendations, infants should be exclusive breast or formula fed for the first 6 months of life; with the introduction of nutritionally adequate and safe complementary solid foods at 6 months, together with continued breast or formula feeding up to the age of two years or beyond.

Thanks for reading 🙂

#Not a sponsored post.  All purchases and opinions are my own.


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