Friday Favourite – Lorac Pro 2 Palette

Friday Favourite - Lorac Pro 2 Palette (2)Friday Favourite - Lorac Pro 2 Palette (1)I am slightly ashamed to admit that this is the first real eyeshadow palette I have ever purchased.  I’ve been a loyal slave to my beloved MAC shadows for as long as I can remember, and I didn’t think I needed anything else.  However my curiosity got the better of me recently; I decided it was time to branch out of my comfort zone and take the plunge.  I had a really tough decision to make between one of the Lorac palettes or a Naked palette, but I ended up really liking the combination of colours in the Lorac Pro 2 palette so I went for it.

Why, oh why, did I wait so long?  I was so excited when it arrived in the mail, it was like opening Pandora’s box of beautiful colours.  Since it arrived I’ve been using it almost constantly.  I love that it has an even split of mattes and shimmers, plenty of neutral colours but with a few interesting colours thrown in.  Friday Favourite - Lorac Pro 2 Palette (3)

The pigmentation is just astonishing, so much so that you have to be very careful not to overdo it.  The first time I used it I attempted a smokey eye that had to be completely wiped off because I looked like a panda 🙂

I’ve done a colour breakdown for you in case you’re trying to decide whether to purchase this or not.

The mattes:Friday Favourite - Lorac Pro 2 Palette (4)

Buff is a pale beige colour with a yellow undertone.  It doesn’t show up very well on me as it is nearly the exact same colour as my skin, but it would be a nice highlight on darker skin tones.

Light Brown is a medium brown with a warm undertone.  This has lovely colour payoff and blends beautifully.  A great transition colour.

Cool Grey is a cool toned medium brownish grey.  I actually think it’s closer to neutral than cool, and definitely has a strong brown tone to it rather than being a true grey.  Blends nicely and good colour payoff; I use this a lot in the outer V.

Nectar is a light peachy colour with a warm undertone.  This one doesn’t show up all that well on my skin, but again I think that’s because I’m so fair.  I think it would look much nicer with a darker skin tone, especially with a good primer underneath.  Watch out, this one is a little powdery so use a light hand.

Plum is probably my favourite out of the whole palette.  As the name suggests, it’s a deep plum purple with a slight hint of red, and has a warm undertone.  I absolutely love this in the outer V to smoke up a look.  Blends nicely and has excellent colour payoff.

Navy is a true navy blue colour.  It is highly pigmented; it actually lightly stained my arm after I washed it off so be careful.  A little goes a very long way.  You have to watch out for fallout with this one, and it isn’t as easy to blend as the other colours.  I would definitely recommend using a primer with this one.

Charcoal is a medium grey with possibly a slightly warm undertone, although it’s pretty close to neutral.  I haven’t had a chance to use this one in a look yet, however it doesn’t seem quite as easy to blend as the other colours and the colour payoff is not as good.

Black is more of a dark grey than a true black.  I was most disappointed with this one.  The colour payoff just was not good enough for a black for my liking.  It applied quite sheerly and was quite difficult to blend.

The shimmers:Friday Favourite - Lorac Pro 2 Palette (5)

Snow is a bright frosted white that lives up to it’s name.  This is a beautiful inner corner colour, and used in the centre of the lid for added dimension.  The colour payoff is great and the texture is lovely.

Beige is a frosty beige with a peachy-pink undertone.  It’s nearly a perfect match for my skin colour making it a beautiful lid shade, but this would also work on much darker skin tones.  Excellent colour payoff, texture and staying power.

Rosé is a beautiful rose-gold peachy coppery colour.  It’s highly metallic, has a wonderfully smooth and easy to blend texture.  Excellent pigmentation and staying power.

Mocha is a metallic dark golden brown with a warm undertone.  This is a really great colour for any skin tone, it reminds me of a mixture of MAC’s Woodwinked and Sable.  It has a soft silky texture that applies beautifully, excellent pigmentation and staying power.

Chrome is a slightly warm frosty taupe.  It’s cooler than the other shimmers so far but still has a slightly warm undertone.  This is one colour I wasn’t too interested in but I’ve ended up using it a lot.  It’s very flattering and versatile.  As with the previous colours, excellent colour payoff, staying power and easy to blend.

Silver is, as the name implies, true bright metallic silver.  I couldn’t pick out an undertone in this one, it looks pretty neutral to me.  The colour payoff on this one is great; I’ve used it in the centre of my lid for added dimension and it just pops.  Staying power is excellent.  It has a slightly chunky metallic glitter so it wasn’t quite as easy to apply as the previous colours, but only slightly.

Jade is a very interesting colour for me.  It’s a dark olive green with a possibly slightly warm undertone and quite chunky shimmers rather than metallic like the other colours.  I’m not sure how to wear this yet but I’m very keen to see if I can pull it off.  The colour payoff is phenomenal with this one.  I blends very nicely and has good staying power.

Cocoa is another absolute favourite.  It’s a dark to medium rich brown with a warm undertone.  There is more than a hint of red in this one.  It has a soft shimmer finish, great colour payoff and is very soft and easy to blend.

Obviously I need to branch out and snag some more palettes for myself.  I’m very keen on the new Naked On the Run palette.  Any suggestions for my next purchase?  Leave them in the comments below!  Thanks for reading 🙂

Signature* Not a sponsored post.  All opinions and purchases are my own.


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