More Gluten Free Foodie Treats at Eat Street

Of course we went back.  How could I resist?  This place is my spiritual home 🙂

I was a little more restrained this time. This was not my first visit, so I didn’t get overly excited and try to cram everything in.  I can tend to go a little overboard with new experiences because I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Meatlovers Crepe

On to the food!  To start I headed straight for Miss Claude’s Crepes.  I hadn’t realised they did gluten free options on my first visit or I would have made a beeline for it then.  I read about it on Eat Street’s Facebook page during the week and that decided another visit.  I was intending to have a sweet crepe, but the savouries looked so amazing I changed my mind on the spot.  I went for the Eiffel Tower Bacon, which was a delicious concoction of bacon, mushrooms, onion and melted cheese, with a (I think) Hollandaise drizzle.  I was so looking forward to it that I smashed nearly all of it down before I even thought to take a photo or remember all the ingredients.  Whoops!  The above pic was the closest I could find on their Facebook page; it is the Meatlovers crepe, which I’m also fully intending to try.

Next stop was obviously Gluten Off Donuts.  If you read my last Eat Street post you’ll remember I was having trouble choosing between the Lamonut (double stack donut covered in chocolate and coconut with a whipped cream filled centre) and the Lemon Meringue Donut.  Well this time I was determined to have that marvellous looking lemon creation, and it lived up to my every expectation.

Lemon Meringue Donut

I love anything lemon flavoured so this was pure food-gasm for me.  The donut was hot and crisp, the lemon curd smooth and velvety with just the right balance of sweet and tart, and the meringue was marshmallowy and deliciously soft with a beautifully toasted top.  The only problem was there wasn’t enough, so I think next time I’ll ask for it as a double stack.  I’m such a pig.

Here’s a little vid of it being made for you to enjoy:

Finally on our way out I snagged myself a Snickers Caramel Apple from Sticky Dees apple cart.  These aren’t really a common thing here in Australia, and I’m still deciding if I really like the combination of raw apple and caramel together like that.  However if you like caramel apples, the coating on this baby was to die for!  I could have quite happily just eaten all the coating off.  The caramel was just perfect, not overly sweet but beautifully creamy, rolled in crushed peanuts and drizzled with dark chocolate.

Snickers Caramel AppleI enjoyed munching on this later that night in front of the television.  I think with a bit of practice I could really get into these little babies 🙂

Eat Street Markets are open every Friday (4pm – 10pm) and Saturday (4pm – 10pm) at Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  They are having a special St Valentines Day market all this coming weekend.  If I can talk Mr Vee into going I will definitely be making an appearance.  Check out these adorable Valentines themed treats!

Valentines Day Treats

Chocolate Fondue for Two by The Chocolate Fountain & Red Velvet Churros by Cheery Churros


* Not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.


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