Makeup Monday – A New Feature

Choose my next makeup look!

* Entries closed for this week *
Happy Monday everyone!  To try and liven up this least favourite day of the week I’m asking for your ideas for tomorrow’s makeup look.  My son and I are going on a playdate with a very good friend of mine and her little girl.  It’s summer here so I need something casual and summery. Throw your ideas at me!  If I choose your idea I will feature it on my Instagram and Facebook.  This is just for fun so please join in, I’d love lots of ideas to choose from 🙂 Entries close 10am Tuesday GMT andyou can enter right here or through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I’m thinking of making this a regular feature, so check back next week if you would like to see more of these. If I do make it a regular thing I will feature the winning look in the next blog post.Signature


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