Foodie Heaven in Brisbane

Eat Street Markets

Last night hubby and I decided to do something a little fun and different to get ourselves out of the house.   We have been hearing good things about the Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf on the North shore of Brisbane; we both love eating and trying new cuisines, so we thought we would check it out.

Entry is only $2 for adults and kids are free.  Inside you’ll find a vast range of foods, from all different nationalities and cuisines, from savouries to desserts, drinks and more.  I made a beeline for the Gluten Off! gluten free donut stand.  A friend has picked me up some cinnamon donuts from here before, and they were divine, so I was determined to get my hands on the special lamington donut they are making for the Australia Day weekend.  It did not disappoint – 2 donuts stacked on top of each other, covered in melted chocolate and shredded coconut, with the middle filled with whipped cream.  Oh lordy.  As a long time follower of a strict gluten free diet, treats like this are one in a million.

Gluten Off! Gluten free donuts – Lamington Donut Stack

Next hubby was distracted by the Hungarian garlic breads, and I was snagged by the sweet-talking vendor at the Poulet & Porc stand who talked me into the Pork Belly with Orange and Star Anise.  Fireworks-exploding-in-my-mouth delicious.  I fully intended to go back later to get some of their  Charcoal BBQ Rub Chicken but my stomach capacity wasn’t up to the job.

A wide variety of delectable treats…and a pic of me and a reluctant hubby 🙂

An honourable mention must go to Man Made Mocktails for my delightfully refreshing Passionfruit Tropa-chino.  We finished off the evening with some luscious white chocolate-covered strawberries with a dark chocolate drizzle from The Chocolate Fountain.  I can never go past chocolate covered strawberries and these were incredible, the chocolate still warm.  Ah, bliss!

I left absolutely stuffed, and very satisfied.  The only downside I could see was the scarcity of specialised drinks vendors, and hubby was disappointed that there wasn’t any of the American South food that he is obsessed with.  Otherwise it was a mouth-watering experience.  We left before it really got going because Baby Vee was getting tired, but once it begins to get dark the live music acts come on, and there are alcoholic drinks and cocktails available for the adults.

Eat Street Markets are open every Friday (4pm – 10pm) and Saturday (4pm – 10pm) at Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Highly recommended for everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Foodie Heaven in Brisbane

    • They were amazing! It was a serious decision between this one and the lemon meringue donut (filled with lemon curd and meringue on top). I’ll definitely be going back. I’ve heard of a couple of other local markets that they visit so there will probably be another post soon 😉


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